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Male Breast Reduction Exercises

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When guys start developing in the chest area, it's referred to as getting or having male breasts. And for most men, this is an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience, so they start looking for exercises that can help get rid of those boobs before anybody else notices. 

A common problem though, is that most guys try to do spot reduction exercises. And you can't get rid of Male breasts - or any other problem area on your body - by doing spot exercises. Male breasts can be caused by hormone imbalances and certain medications. This is most often seen in teenage boys because their hormones are so out of whack while they're going through puberty. The other time it happens to guys though, the male breasts are actually caused by simply having too much fat on their body. Some guys collect extra fat on their stomachs, while some collect it on their chest. And when fat collects on your chest, this gives the appearance of having male breasts.

Now there are exercises you can do to help get rid of male breasts, but they might not be the kinds of exercises you'd think of first. You can't do specific exercises made just for getting rid of male breasts only. You have to do full body fat burning exercises instead. Eating plans designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat can go a long way towards helping you get rid of your male breasts without exercise.

Recommended Male Breast Reduction Exercises

1. Interval Training - These types of exercises can help you get rid of male breasts because they're designed to give your metabolism a super lift, and really start burning body fat fast. Interval training can be fairly intense, and this is excellent for burning massive amounts of calories fast. The cool thing is, it also keeps your body burning more calories even after your workout is finished, because the body is busy repairing and rebuilding your muscles.

Interval training workouts usually involve about thirty seconds to one minute of intense exercise, followed by two to three minutes of easy exercise. A common  and effective way to burn fat and get rid off the male breasts is to sprint really fast for 30-60 seconds, then walk briskly for a few minutes. Repeat this process 8-10 times minimum several times each week and you'll quickly find your metabolism increased, your body is burning fat, and you're getting rid of the male breasts too.

2. Any upper chest workouts and exercises - Spot workouts targeted towards getting rid of your Male Breasts won't actually work. In fact, they often tend to make the problem worse because the firmer muscles in that area simply push your Male Breasts out further.

By firming up and toning your upper chest area however, you can make the man boob problem much less noticeable even if you haven't fully gotten rid of them yet.

3. Push Ups - Push ups tend to be excellent exercise for building your upper chest area. This won't entirely get rid of your Male Breasts, but it'll help make them much less noticeable while you're working on your other fat burning exercises.

4. Cardio Exercises - As we've already said: To get rid of your male breasts you'll have to burn actual fat from your body. And since you can't burn fat from just one area, you'll need to choose exercises which burn fat generally, from your entire body. Cardio is an excellent fat burning activity.

Running, Bike Riding and Rowing are all excellent cardio workout examples that will help burn the excess fat from your body and get rid of your male breasts. Elliptical Trainer machines are another excellent cardio exercise option, because these tend to workout both upper and lower body muscle groups at the same time.

Sports are another excellent form of both cardio and interval exercising. When playing sports have you ever noticed that you can go from a semi-resting state to a huge burst of massive action and vice versa at a moment's notice? That's the essence of interval training, and that's the secret to super charging your body's metabolism and fat burning capabilities. And burning fat is the key to getting rid of your male breasts, so get out there and play some of your favorite sports as often as possible, and you might be surprised at how fast your male breasts disappear.

Sometimes exercise and weight loss fail to reduce your male breasts especially if you have true Gynecomastia. If this is the case Gynecomastia surgery or Gynexin male breast reduction pills are your only options.

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